National Reports

25/06/2017 -
Edition 711

An agreement was not reached when discussing an update in the minimum legal wage. The problem is not the lack of consensus but the low level of productivity which makes the minimum wage an ineffective tool to fight poverty. Instead of insisting with sterile controversies, the Minimum Wage Council should address the modernization of labor and educational institutions.

18/06/2017 -
Edition 709

Given the evidence of irregularities in the massive allocation of non-contributory pensions, the government started a revision process that generated much controversy. When a pension is granted to someone who is not disabled, they are automatically condemned to a chronic dependency of welfare, since they are not allowed to work in the formal labor market. Instead of interrupting the revision, it should be continued accompanied by effective employment policies.

11/06/2017 -
Edition 708

Employment-oriented secondary education explains much of the high employment rate and low unemployment among Germany’s young. Half of them go through vocational studies and, among them, almost all do work practices in companies. In the context of possible collaboration with Germany, even more important that promoting new investments, is to make German companies based in Argentina to contribute to the widespread growth of the vocational education. 

04/06/2017 -
Edition 707

The decision of the US president to withdraw his country from the Paris Agreement about the mitigation of global warming has generated justified criticism around the world, including Argentina. But in Argentina, there are internal policies that respond to the same logic, are justified by similar motives and cause enormous damage. An illustrative case is the use of public funds to subsidy the company Yacimiento Carbonífero Río Turbio.

28/05/2017 -
Edition 706

The growth of litigiousness in the labor risk system is enormous. The phenomenon is related to the lax and concessive criteria applied by courts in four provinces. These provinces generate almost 80% of the country’s total trials. The reform sanctioned by the National Congress, which already has the first adhesion through a Law issued by the Legislature of Cordoba Province, is a new attempt to solve this crucial problem. 


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